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Empires and Allies hack - Gold and Supply generator tool

We had a look at Empires and Allies and saw that there were some problems that should better get fixed fast. What we talk about is that you get very few resources per battle. So we decided to create a new way to obtain resources, it is called Empires and Allies hack. You can feel free to use this online generator whenever you like to add resources to your account. The big benefit is that these resources are completely free and you won’t have to pay anything.

The loads of resources you can get by using the hack tool are so big that it is simply not possible to go through the game any faster. You can simply skip all parts that you did not like earlier. Strong buildings that need hours to get built can now be finished within the same second. Building attack troops what normally also takes a little time can be skipped. You can simply skip all the waiting times of the whole game using this tactic. This makes the Empires and Allies cheats the ideal program for all of you that like to play through a game faster.

Can This really work?

Yes, it can as there is no thing that is not hackable or crackable. They can only make things harder for us and thats why we took so long to publish the first ever working Empires and Allies online hack. Our tool got many advantages over all other available alternatives. The benefits are the following ones:

  • Unlimited Gold.
  • Unlimited Supply.
  • Easy and completely free to use.
  • Running on the best servers available.
  • Completely secure through SSL and AES encryption.
  • And many more.

Instructions on using the hack

Making your way to the top has never been easier. Normally real-time base building games will consume much time to come further. The bigger and stronger your base gets the more Gold, Supply and time you will need to upgrade everything and become even more powerful. To fasten up the whole process and get your Gems and Supply the fastest way possible follow the tutorial below. You will also be able to avoid any possible failures by doing this so it is highly advisable to do.

  • Enter your E-Mail Address or Username.
  • Select the device you play on.
  • Choose the amount of Gold and Supply.
  • Start the online generator.
  • Enjoy the game on a complete new level.

  • How to build your base the right way.

    Make sure to always place the most important buildings of your base in the center. This means resource storages or your headquarter. Right next to these buildings place some to defend them and prevent you from losing too many resources. Furthermore you should also keep the balance between your attack and defense. If you just concentrate on one of these two you will miss a lot of resources. If you already decided to make use of the Empires and Allies hack make sure to upgrade everything to the maximum and not miss any building or troop.

    Build one of the Strongest empires

    With the release of our record breaking Empires and Allies cheats tool we gave you the chance to use every feature that the game includes. Without the need to invest money as you do not have enough of the premium resource. Most free games are working like this and we want this to stop as soon as possible. The prices that game developers charge for their in-game resources are much too high that only people with a big wallet can afford them.

    Money should not be the reason why someone can beat you in a game. So we made the Empires and Allies hack to create balanced conditions again and give everybody the same chances.

    If you liked using our hack tool you can share it with your friends to give them a little help during the game.